Synchroon is a Dutch project development company with its main focus on housing and retail locations in the city. Project Synchroon develops are (re)development of locations in the city, (re)development of retail and mixed-use projects, transformation of existing characteristic property and state of the art residential areas on the edge of the city.





Editorial content for a new website

Gem creative agency created a large variety of editorial content for Synchroon’s brand new website including interviews with key figures in the company and partner companies, portrait photography, video concept and production and the development of inspiring cinemagraphs.






Utrecht Wisselspoor: redevelopment into residential environment

In the coming years, the Wisselspoor area in Utrecht will be transformed by Synchroon into a fine residential environment while preserving the industrial heritage: such as the old halls and parts of switches and tracks. Gem creative agency created a campaign video discussing the project with Synchroon director Tobias Verhoeven, landscape architect Steven Delva and placemaking creator Job Keja from Skonk.





A portfolio in posters

Furthermore, we designed a broad selection of posters that show the most important projects and give an overview of the Synchroon portfolio. The posters were part of Synchroon’s stand on the Provada real estate fair. A stand that was inspired by a café and acted as a real meeting place.





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