Personal Shopping at de Bijenkorf

Video Concept and Production

Gem creative agency is responsible for the concept development and production of a quirky video series around the personal shopping service of de Bijenkorf. In multiple episodes personal shopper Ron Weil gives you tips and tricks on how to dress and behave in different seasons and on various occasions. Ron knows best!






Christmas РTime to Shine 

It is time to shine! Ron gives you five tips to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Christmas – Fashion

How to create a festive and fashionable look with Christmas and New Year? Ron gives you five tips to complete your party outfit.

Christmas – Table Decoration

How to create a fantastic meal and decoration for the table during the holidays? Ron knows what to do! After watching this video, we can assure you that you can impress your guests during the holidays.

How to: Accessoires

Personal Shopper Ron Weil from the Bijenkorf Rotterdam shows you which accessories are essential for every man this season.

How to: Wedding

What to wear to a marriage? And how do you deal with different dress codes? Ron answers all our questions to our questions about weddings!

How to: Grooming

From facial care to sun cosmetics, Ron gives us some useful tips for external care.

How to: Swimwear

Short of speedo? And where do you leave your beach attributes? Ron answers all our questions about swimwear before the beach season starts.

How to: Fashion

Are you already up to date to the latest trends? Well, Ron does and shows you the trends in menswear.

How to: Travel

What kind of suitcase do you take with you? What is an essential travel item? Ron gives the best tips and tricks for a carefree journey.


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