De Zalmhaven

An inner-city hotspot and place to call home

De Zalmhaven, located in the historic Scheepvaartkwartier, is a new residential building complex and signature on the city skyline of Rotterdam. De Zalmhaven stands as the tallest building in the Benelux, with a 215 meter skyscraper. As a result, De Zalmhaven prominently towers over the Maas river and the Euromastpark, and also meets eye to eye with the Erasmusbrug. Furthermore, two accompanying high-rise buildings of approximately 70 meters, act as a visual stairwell to the lower Scheepvaartkwartier and complement the design. The project will house 475 residential apartments, a parking garage, rooftop garden, offices, and commercial facilities. Probably, De Zalmhaven will get an outstanding panoramic view of the city at the top terrace. De Zalmhaven is a development of De Zalmhaven CV, built by BAM, and designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and KAAN Architecten.




We created the marketing and sales strategy for the high-end residential project De Zalmhaven. We were asked by developers Amvest and AM to help realise the vision and brand ambition for this masterpiece of architecture in Rotterdam.

Art Direction and Design

In collaboration with our design partner The Phoney Club, Gem creative agency also created the brand identity, sales campaign and website design and will create more marketing and sales expressions in the future. All to help and strengthen De Zalmhaven brand world, where the residents’ excellent quality of life belongs to the priority.

Editorial content through all communication channels

Gem creative agency creates original communications across different platforms and formats for De Zalmhaven, inspiring potential clients, audiences and partners. From custom print publishing to digital, film and mobile. With our multilingual team of editors, writers and art directors, we take care of all editorial content. Subscribe here for De Zalmhaven newsletter and updates.


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