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Writers & Favourite Books

Gem creative agency developed a visual concept to interest de Bijenkorf’s clients for its large and extensive book section. We produced a series of videos in which we interviewed well-known writers who had recently published a new book. The writers were asked to tell something about their favorite new work of one of their writer colleagues, and of course to provide us with some context for their own work.


Yvette van Boven

Yvette van Boven is a food writer, chef, columnist and television presenter. The book Home Made was named ‘Cookbook of the year 2010’. She is mostly known for the Dutch cooking show Koken met van Boven. Yvette recently wrote a new book called Home Sweet Home. In this video she reads a cookbook by Onno Kleyn titled Frankrijk.

Harmen van Straaten

Harmen van Straaten is a writer and illustrator. He has illustrated about 400 books and has written 50 books for all ages. In this video he tells about his children’s book En toen kwamen de monsters. He reads a book by Hugo Borst, called Ach, Moedertje.

Kim van Kooten

Kim van Kooten is an actress and screenwriter. She has written the script of the successful Dutch move Alles is Liefde. In this video she exchanges her book Lieveling with a book by Sonja Barend called Je ziet mij nooit meer terug (You will never see me again). This title refers the her father’s last words.

Meester Bart

Bart Ongering, better known as Meester Bart is one of the most famous teachers in The Netherlands. Additionally, he writes columns about his experiences as a teacher in the Bijlmer. His new book Meester Bart op zijn best is a collection of his columns. In this video he exchanges his book with a book by Tim Hofman called Gedichten van de broer van Roos.

The Writers

We were lucky enough to interview well-known and above all the most interesting writers Harmen van Straaten, Kader Abdolah, Kim van Kooten, Kluun, Lydia Rood, Mano Bouzamour, Marian Mudder, Meester Bart, Victor Mids and Yvette van Boven for the series.


Raymond Kluun, also known as Kluun is a Dutch author. He is well known for his novel Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter, in which he documents a fictionalized version of his own life story. In this video he tells about his own written book DJ and reads De dood van Murat Idrissi, written by Tommy Wieringa.

Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah is a Persian-Dutch writer, poet and columnist. He has written several books and articles and is known for using Persian literary themes in his Dutch works. In this video Kader reads a children’s book by Paul van Loon called De Griezelbus. He exchanges this book with his own book called Achter het gordijn.

Victor Mids

Victor Mids is both an illusionist and a doctor. He is therefore able to bring illusion and science together in a unique way. In this video he discusses his new book Mindf*ck where he explains the methods of his illusions. He reads a book by Herman Koch called Makkelijk leven.

Lydia Rood

Alongside her journalism career, Lydia Rood is a full-time writer. In fifteen years she has written more than sixty books. Books for adolescents, novels, plays and thrillers. In this video she reads Masser Brock by Bert Wagendorp and exchanges it with her own book titled De dochter van de zeemeermin.

Mano Bouzamour

Mano Bouzamour is a Dutch novelist and columnist. He scored a stunning success with his first novel, De belofte van Pisa, in which he ironically described his childhood and youth as the son of immigrants in the Netherlands. In this video he explains about the book and exchanges it with a book by Tommy Wieringa: De dood van Murat Idrissi.

Marian Mudder

Marian Mudder is an actress and writer. She has been featured in several Dutch television series such as Baantjer and Vrouwenvleugel. In this video she tells us about her book called Sofa sessies and reads DJ, written by Kluun.

Feest der Letteren: from online to in-store

During the annual Feest der Letteren book festival in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam the videos were broadcasted in the Bijenkorf department store. Many book fans watched the films and got their books signed by their favourite writers in-store.


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