Filmed and Written Portraits

ADDITORS+ is our independent publication, documenting creative people in various sectors. Filmed and written portraits of outstanding artists such as musicians, painters, chefs and photographers. With ADDITORS+ we give you an exclusive look into the curious minds of creative individuals who add something new to our world. Our aim is to inspire and share ideas of those who dare to experiment, trust their intuition and follow their dreams. We direct and produce ADDITORS+ in collaboration with Felix Kops.






ADDITORS 1.0 Sevdaliza

It was only 3 years ago that she discovered her current destination. At a certain night while she was traveling in Brazil, Sevdaliza (27) was jamming with a local family on the streets of Rio, when she realized that this was it: singing and performing. While discussing with ADDITORS she shares her ideas on creating stories/songs and explains the importance of love, discipline and collaborating.

ADDITORS 2.0 Francois Geurds

François Geurds is one of the most promising chefs in the Netherlands right now. He just might be the best chef of Rotterdam: he owns three Michelin-stars. He combines his Aruban-Dutch heritage and love for scientific cooking and planted an experimenting taste laboratorium into Rotterdam’s Hofbogen. François’ food empire consists of FG Restaurant, Food Labs, FG Shop and dinner theater Villa Thalia.

ADDITORS 3.0 Silvia B.

She makes beautiful freaks. Silvia B. creates meticulously crafted sculptures that live in a world between dreams and nightmares. These figures are hybrid beings: between man and animal, doll and robot, confusing gender and age. Here to confront you about your sense of beauty and ugliness.

ADDITORS 4.0 Jeroen Koolhaas

Jeroen Koolhaas is an artist with a mathematical and sociological vision, but he rather refers to himself as a dreamer. Together with Dre Urhahn he creates big public art interventions in deprived neighborhoods all over the world. At home in his studio in Rotterdam he explores the use of color, by constantly mixing, weighting and refining colors, to create patterns which can be applied to houses, buildings and even to whole streets.

ADDITORS 5.0 Stacii Samidin

“I grew up being physical. I didn’t have to be, I wanted to be.” Stacii is a documentary photographer of so called societies or gangs. By becoming part of their daily lives, he gets the chance to capture the world behind the masks of the stereotypical images of these gangs.

ADDITORS 6.0 Daan Roosegaarde

He is a pioneer in the field of art, exploring the relationship between man, technology and space. He was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos and was recently named Artist of the Year 2016. ADDITORS shows an intimate portrait of the man behind this growing empire .

ADDITORS 7.0 Arno Coenen

In fine artist Arno Coenen’s work cultures merge, the use of media is fluid and extremes collide.
Together with Iris Roskam, best friend and partner, he created the colossal art work of flowers and fruits on the inside walls of the Rotterdam Markthal: “It could have become a huge fruit basket, but I think we succeeded in avoiding that.” Get an intimate view on his work in this Additors portrait.

ADDITORS 8.0 Opperclaes

Art is something everyone should be able to experience, maybe even something people need to be confronted with. Without having to be invited or having to make a big effort to reach it. One of the things Opperclaes produces is art in public space; paintings on buildings, poetry on walls. Bruce and Linda offer young creatives a platform, while always emphasizing the importance of personal work over commerciality.

ADDITORS 10.0 Amber Vineyard

“I am here. This is what I’m working with. And you’re gonna love it,” Amber Vineyard states confidently. Amber was a host at the Harlem Ballroom, where the LGBT community celebrated freedom of expression through art, music and dressing up in times when it was not always possible to do so in the public. Amber, or Ambiance as she is also called, now has initiated the Dutch Ballroom and speaks of every form of expression coming together in one space. 

ADDITORS+ Launch Party

We presented the first ADDITORS+ film in the CitizenM hotel in 2015 to the creative crowd of Rotterdam. Followed by an afterparty in underground club Bahn.



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