Top 5 go to expo’s in July

Top 5 go to expo’s

  1. After months of research, testing, failing and succeeding – the moment of truth is finally here. Over 400 graduation projects of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Piet Zwart Institute (PZI) graduates will be showcased during the four-day event: WdKA Graduation Show 2018. Meet the freshly graduated Creating Pioneers from July 5-8.
  2. On July 14th, the Kunsthal Rotterdam brings new talent into the spotlight in the talent development program Kunsthal Light for the 8th year in a row. This series of exhibitions have been focusing on young artists in particular since 2011. Those who are capable of producing “a broad gesture” in an original and artistic way. The artist will be given free hand to create a site-specific work on a more than 25 meters long shop window along the ramp. Now it’s time to shine for Nazif Lopulissa, or Nasbamiwinner of the Henri Winkelman award 2018, and one of the participants in our current Summer Show exhibition.
  3. At the Museum Rotterdam Coolhaven location you can experience what it means when your city is bombed. An important part of a visit to the ‘40-’45 NOW exhibition is the penetrating experience. You take place at an eight-meter-long touchscreen table. Before you know it, it’s May 14, 1940. It’s not the end of the city. The reconstruction is a fact. In a short film you experience the war up close and you see why the city of Rotterdam has become so different from most cities in the Netherlands.
  4. Roffa Mon Amour is a film platform showing cinematic talent from around the world during its annual film festival (18-29 July 2018) and various cinema events throughout the year. The Film Festival program is revealed on June 20th and will take place in floating greenhouse the Drijvend Paviljoen.
  5. StolenSpace Gallery presents ‘Wish You Were Here’ – an eclectic showcase featuring original works from 40 leading urban contemporary artists, including D*Face, Shepard Fairey, Alexis Diaz, Herakut, Pichiavo and many more. Prompted with the prototypical postcard sentiment, each artist reimagines the phrase and translates it into their own visual language – setting their work in conversation with the many other creative minds featured in the show.



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