Top 5 go to expo’s in May

Top 5 go to expo’s

1. May 5th we’re celebrating Hotel New York’s 25th anniversary. Museum Rotterdam takes the hint to celebrate in a special way and dedicate an exhibition to this striking hotel. 25 years of Hotel New York means a treasure room filled with stories, photographs, videos and special items. They’re telling the extraordinary story of the well known hotel, located on an unique spot at the Maas in Rotterdam. The exhibition will be a journey, almost like a time machine, through nine unique designed rooms: the first pioneer’s story, the emigrants, cruise ships and much more!

2. The national event for all leisure photographers is upon us! May 10th till May 13th het Nederlands Fotomuseum is hosting the Fotofestival aan de Maas. In a couple of months over 1.400 photographers all over country offered their series. Of almost 20.000 submitted photos, a selection is made. The exhibition is organized for and by leisure photographers. The museum is proud to be their 10-years-partner and host!

3. Martin Schoeller’s Big Head exhibition coming to town on May 19th. Nederlands Fotomuseum brings out one of world’s biggest portrait photographers to Rotterdam. Schoeller booked enormous success with the iconic Close Up series. For twenty years he’s worked on this project consisting of both celebrities and non-celebrities close ups. Martin Schoeller himself will be present during the opening on May 18th and reveal a new Dutch star’s ‘big head’ portrait. Three of his other portrait series will also be available to check out!

Image: Gelatin – Jason Schmidt

4. The summer of 2018 in Boijmans van Beuningen – Gelatin: Vorm – Fellows – Attitude. From May 19th till the 12th of August Gelatin will take over de big Bodon saloons of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Tobias Urban, Wolfgang Gantner, Florian Reither and Ali Jank are known for creating sensational situations where people interact with each other. A 50 meter tall toy rabbit in the mountains of Italy, an active roller coaster of wood and plastic tubes and an elevator where technique is replaced by manpower. Their performances is a try out to stimulation of the senses, encourage that and break through daily routines. This exhibition takes you for a humorous outlook on life up to the awkward. Vorm – Fellows – Attitude also promises to break the usual course of events in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in a stimulating way.

5. Digital dawn, luminous voices: an Agnes Momirski solo-exhibition. Til May 20th in Roodkapje Rotterdam. The visual and interdisciplinary artist Agnes Momirski is inspired by the idea of a post-work society and the rising concern for emotional wellbeing. The exhibitions forms a space of experimentation with visual, sonic and spacial design elements. The exhibition explores the sensuality of wellness interfaces and objects. Simulation of a healing space with highly sensualized objects and stages an experience of soothing meditative vocal utterances. The exhibition allows visitors to immerse themselves in sonic resonances, rest on the objects and even hug them!

Image: Agnes Momirski – Digital dawn, luminous voices


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