Top 5 go to expo’s in April

Top 5 go to expo’s

  1. New organization Night/Shift Events​: through a multidimensional approach; the nightlife will be challenged. Exploring the creative and artistic industries that use the night to generate income or as a source of inspiration. A series of visual artists will reflect upon what nightlife means to them using diverse artistic techniques. The artworks will invite everyone to enjoy visual art in a different setting, allowing the viewer to explore the message of the artworks in their rooted conceptual setting: the night. The exhibition will display works that will guide the observers through parallel realities and bring new depth to the discussion. Looking forward to the next edition.
  2. Pinkman Records pop-up store at Schiestraat 14, Rotterdam. This local record label believes that music is an indispensable part of culture. For that culture to thrive, artists – no matter the size of their audience – must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work. With this mission Pinkman Records’ built their business around a model that puts the artist first. There’s also a totebag for sale in collaboration with Rotterdam’s radiostation Operator Radio. You can get this merch item in store for 10 euros. Make sure to check out the store.
  3. It never gets old to experience how it feels like to live in a hypermodern home as if it’s 1933. With a free audiotour you get a free walk through Museum-home Sonneveld and hear how the Sonneveld family lived. Rotterdam’s best kept house from the early 30’s by architects Brinkman and Van der Vlugt – known for their projects Feyenoord stadium and the Van Nelle factory. Together with W.H. Gispen they’re also responsible for the fine interior, with warm and bright colours and amazing furniture. Take this colorful tour on rainy days in Rotterdam.
  4. G126 is a small and alternative exhibition space for arts and design. For those who love to wander around town, you can see the works exposed 24/7 alongside the street. The lighting makes sure all works are clear to see even during the night. G126 is a non-profit initiative and is located at Gerard Scholtenstraat 126 in westside Rotterdam.
  5. Perfect simplicity in Boijmans van Beuningen: Geert Lap – like any ceramist –  follows his own path and his work takes a special place in ceramic history. This artist is known for his serenity, simplicity and harmony. Geert Lap really strives for exceptional perfection. Every form that’s in his mind must be translated exactly like it in his work. Picking the perfect colours makes this translation complete his work. The loyalty to his authentic creative mind makes his work loved by many, which makes it clear why it’s appreciated both nationally as internationally.Image: Huis Sonneveld by Johannes Schwartz

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