Rotterdam based artist Nasbami in Amsterdam

Unfair Amsterdam collaborates, curates and promotes contemporary artists of today and tomorrow. Nazif Lopulissa, also known as Nasbami, belongs to one of the brightest young artists at the moment. As he constantly evolves, Unfair helped him the seek new methods and materials to work with to create the most engaging artworks.

Nasbami’s projects are divers as he tries to think of new techniques to use. He believes in reinventing himself as an artist. Otherwise you’d be choosing the easy way, he says. He strives for art to be accessible to buy and enjoyed for less than art that’s left in a gallery for too long because it’s too expensive. With Club Gem we really relate to this vision and also to think out of the box and experiment when you want to make something work.

Now Nasbami is part of Unfair Amsterdam’s sustainable network.


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