Anytime Now

‘ANYTIME NOW’ – opens thursday 19.04.2018 until 10.06.2018 in TENT Rotterdam.

A group exhibition with works of Pedro Gomez-Egana, Olphaert den Otter, Thomson & Craighead and Anton Vrede. Global instability and the questioning of a feeling that the end of an era is approaching stands central in this show. With impressive images, the artists evoke a sense of immediate threat, but also a deep sense of time.

A theatrical installation by Pedro Gomez-Egana stands in the center of the exhibition. On a steel structure, almost two meters above ground, there is a twilight-lit living room without walls. Olphaert den Otter produced paintings showing floods, explosions and destroyed homes – Thomson & Craighead take the intense sensory descriptions of blood, gall and burnt meat as a recipe for a perfume with a metallic smell of cumin, aldehyde and roses. Expect a reference to drama and melancholia by visiting this exhibition.


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